“Beth Beurkens, M.A. is a gifted, creative life and business success coach. Beth has years of experience teaching in colleges and universities and sharing her deep holistic, spiritually based understanding of life.  She has helped thousands of clients world-wide clarify their soul-purpose, create the life of their dreams and come alive through unleashing the power within. 

Mary Morrissey

Founder of Life Mastery Institute® 

Best Selling Author

World’s Formost Expert on The Art and Science of Transforming Dreams into Reality

Beth Beurkens is an exceptional Transformational Life and Business Coach who helps people live purposeful, fulfilling lives and empowers them to make profound, lasting differences in the world. She brilliantly guides people in harnessing their full potential, fulfilling their soul’s intentions, and creating lives of vision and purpose.”

Mat Boggs

Best-Selling Author of Project Everlasting

Co-Founder of Life Mastery Institute®


“Beth’s  support and guidance have been  instrumental in moving me forward in all aspects of my life. Her encouragement has enabled me to move past obstacles in my path, and she has been the greatest cheerleader of my every success. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate knowing her and having the opportunity to work with her. She is a true blessing!!”

Dawn Witte

CEO Desire to Inspire Foundation

Los Angeles, California


“I experienced a 180-degree spiritual transformation and complete healing from a disease that had dogged me for 14 years (which my doctor had no clue how to even treat).  My depression and despair are gone, and in their place is a new energy and purpose.  This by simply placing my trust in Beth and diligently following the process of the DreamBuilder® program.Beth Beurkens is a superb coach and mentor.  This was the most enjoyable course I have ever taken.”

Janice Becker

Tour Guide 

Mount Lassen, California

“With Beth’s coaching support in the DreamBuilder Program, I have achieved several of the highest awards in my company and I am Number One in sales.  I am now in control of my life and my destiny.”

Silvia Chacon


Chicago, Illinois

“Beth is a truly unique and talented coach. She has introduced me to a totally new and profound way of understanding and living my life. Beth’s wisdom and gentleness have gotten me through to the “other side” with an ease and care I have seldom experienced.”

Guy Daley


Gilroy, California

“My work with Beth was a lamp for my soul!”

Catherine Valentine

Writer and Musician

San Francisco, California

“I love working with Beth in our Dream Builder Coaching program.  She is incredibly insightful and compassionate.  She guides me through my process of building my dream, with clarity and astute observation.  She helps me avoid falling into old habits, while celebrating my breakthroughs.

Marie Geever

Healer and Author

Portland, Oregon

“I was wandering through life feeling lost and searching for my purpose.  With Beth’s coaching I was guided to new ways of thinking about my life, and I was empowered to create the life I dream of rather that settling for the life I grew up with.  I am blessed with new-found direction, and I now have the power to manifest the life I want!”

Katie Quesada


Seattle, Washington

“Beth is truly inspiring! Through her own example, she teaches the importance of searching for what you would truly love to be, do or have. Practicing this has brought many positive changes to my life, and my dream is becoming reality!”

Linda Feiler

Reiki Master

Oakland, California

“Beth’s coaching helped me identify my life’s purpose and has also given me clarity and confidence to pursue my goals. My zest for life and happiness has increased!  Beth really knows her stuff!”

Pam Shear

Shamanic Practitioner

Grass Valley, California


“Coaching with Beth has been truly transformative. My confidence and power have soared. With Beth’s amazing coaching abilities, I’ve made tremendous progress in living my dream life.”

Nazanin Nooraei

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Sonoma, California



“Signing up for the DreamBuilder Course was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m now enjoying my life and doing things I have longed to do for a long time.”

Yolanda Chavez


San Francisco, California



“Beth’s knowledge of universal shamanic and mindfulness practices is extensive.  She simply oozes enthusiasm, inspiration and motivational support! All of us in our group had ongoing access to Beth via email between our sessions. We were also given a generous free bonus Coaching session that helped me tie all the practices and teachings together at the end of the course.”

Linda Barnes

Writing Instructor and Author

Medford, Oregon


“Women from all over the U.S. and Europe came together in an online format.  We could see each other!  I gained the sense that I am not alone in my quest to find my life’s purpose. I am appreciating my life so much more now and moving forward with my dreams.”

Cynthia Henderson
Mount Shasta, California
“I have hired Beth as a coach, with both one-on-one and group sessions. She is professional and delightful to work with. I think she is a brilliant teacher with a prodigious ability to improve lives.”
Gary Gangnes
 Real Estate Broker, California