Shaman’s Quest – Initiation Into Your Purpose and Power

Shaman’s Quest

Initiation Into Your

Purpose and Power

Free Introductory Webinar

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

5:00pm – 6:20pm PDT

Do you feel like you are meant for more in your life?

Would you love to discover what your greater purpose on this planet is?

There is a proven, secret path to power and purpose that only shamans know. I have been blessed to study with powerful shamans who have initiated me into this secret path. It is thousands of years old and known as the Vision Quest, the Dream Temple, the Journey of Initiation.

If you would love to learn this path of power and discover your greater purpose, please join me in Shaman’s Quest, my all-new complimentary webinar and PowerPoint presentation.

My all-new, 90 day Shaman’s Quest –

Initiation Into Your Purpose and Power,

Begins, August 19th at 5:15 pm PT

Shaman’s Quest is the outcome of Beth Beurkens’ 40 years of training with shamans and leading vision quests internationally.

In this training, you will learn how to hear the voice of inspired insight. You will get crystal clear on what you are being called to be and do at this life passage time you are in. What is your purpose now? What is the songline of your soul?

Through using shamanic healing practices and ceremonies, you will learn to build your spiritual power. You with then have the ability to answer your calling and live a life that is greater, freer, fuller, and more expanded.

You will discover what beliefs and outdated paradigms have been preventing you from moving into your purpose, and you’ll learn shamanic empowerment tools for rewiring these old thoughts into new empowered ones.

You’ll gain access to higher guidance from your own spiritual ancestors and helping spirit allies in the higher realms, who can help you powerfully navigate your life with greater clarity and wisdom.

You’ll harness the power of ceremony with the holy spirits of nature where you live.

You will receive the guidance of a highly experienced shamanic teacher and vision quest guide who is a premier authority and compassionate mentor in this transformative work!

You’ll be part of an intimate, awesome tribe of support and motivation every week for 90 days (on the Zoom platform and in a private GroupMe group.)

And More.

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