International Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Visionary and Empowerment Coach


As a speaker, award-winning author and coach for over three decades, Beth Beurkens helps empower individuals to achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness, authentic success, and lives that are in harmony with our soul’s purpose.

Beth works with people worldwide, inspiring them to build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

As a speaker, award-winning author and coach for over thirty years, Beth’s transformational seminars and talks have made her a highly sought after teacher in personal and spiritual development.

Beth is the internationally acclaimed author of Shaman’s Mirror and Shaman’s Eye. She has been interviewed on television, radio and in magazines throughout Switzerland, Germany and the Pacific Northwest.

Beth has a Master of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is a University of California Regents Scholar.

Beth has taught at universities, colleges and schools throughout California, Oregon and Western Europe. She is currently on the writing faculty at Rogue Community College and California Poets in the Schools. Beth has led Vision Quests for 22 years throughout California and the Italian-Swiss Alps.

Beth has shared the stage with world-renowned speakers Mary Morrissey, Michael Harner, Evelyn Eaton and Susan Wooldridge.

As a sought after life coach and professional speaker, Beth offers inspiring workshops to sold out audiences as well as transformational, in-depth coaching programs to help individuals achieve new heights of fulfillment, empowerment and spiritual aliveness.