Ignite Your Writer Within

Ignite Your Writer Within

Shamanic Tools for Breakthrough Writing

“Your creativity is an immense force that is inside your every cell.” ~SARK

In our intimate group, you will learn how to trust your first thoughts and dismantle the inner critic – that voice of negativity that tells us our writing is boring and futile.

You will discover how to listen to your creative spirit’s voice – that relentless, singing power within you – and discover that your writing is positive, powerful, and invigorating.

Using writing prompts, video clips, readings, and guided visualizations, you’ll quiet the “busy mind,” and write your way free of common blocks.

The twins of procrastination and perfection will be laid to rest.  You will give voice to the truths and power of the untold stories living inside you, allowing words to flow from the luminous landscape of your soul.

I have 2/3’s of my book written because I’ve been mentored in my writing by Beth.  I didn’t even think I’d be able to start the book!

~Jill Grundberg, Buddhist teacher and author


Beth is an amazing shamanic teacher, healer, and storyteller!  I was able to access memories and stories through her deep wisdom, teachings and guidance.  I love the way Beth “walks between the worlds.”

~Kathleen Marlowe, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

Let’s get on the phone (or Zoom) and chat about your writing dreams.

This is completely FREE and my gift to you!

You’ll also discover the next steps that you can take for telling your story and getting it out there.